Congress Programme

DAY 1 – 28/08/2019

15h00 – 16h30Registration (Hotel Lobby | Ground floor)
16h30 – 17h30Workshop Special Talk (Minho room)
Molecular Systems Neuroscience of Memory Linking
Speaker: Alcino Silva (UCLA, USA)
Chair: Nuno Sousa (University of Minho, Portugal)
17h30 – 18h00Opening Ceremony (Minho room)
18h00 – 19h00Opening Lecture
Promises and pitfalls of translational research in addiction
Chair: John Cryan (University of Cork, Ireland)
Speaker: Harriet de Wit (University of Chicago, USA)
19h00 – 21:00Welcome Reception – Cocktail (Hotel Lobby | Ground floor)

DAY 2 – 29/08/2019

08h30 – 10h30
Minho roomSymposium 1 Nature, nurture and redemption: how human cross-sectional imaging studies of cocaine users are informed by lognitudinal clinical and preclinical research
Chair: Charles Bradberry (NIH/NIDA, USA)
Speakers: Hugh Garavan (University of Vermont, USA), Rita Goldstein (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA), Charlie Bradberry (NIH/NIDA, USA), Marcelo Febo (University of Florida College of Medicine, USA)
Braga I roomSymposium 2 Neuropharmacology and Neurogenetics of Aggression as Reward
Chair: Klaus Miczek (Tufts University, USA), Rosa M. M. de Almeida (Brazil )
Speakers: Herbert Covington III (Tufts University, USA), Jozsef Haller (Budapest, Hungary), Sam Golden (UWashington, USA), Dayu Lin (NYU, USA)
Braga II roomSymposium 3 Orexin as a critical mediator of cortical and subcortical regulation of motivated behaviors
Chair: Paolo Campus (University of Michigan, USA), Ben Boutrel (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)
Speakers: Benjamin Boutrel (University of Lausanne, Switzerland), Paolo Campus (University of Michigan, USA), Alessandra Matzeu (The Scripps Research Institute, USA), Morgan James (Rutgers University, USA)
10h30 – 11h00Coffee break
11h00 – 13h00
Minho roomSymposium 4 Modelling comorbidity of chronic pain and affective disorders: towards improved mechanistic understanding and treatment
Chair: Hugo Leite-Almeida (University of Minho, Portugal), Esther Berrocoso (Universidad de Cadiz, Spain)
Speakers: David Finn (National University of Galway, Ireland), Esther Berrocoso (Universidad de Cadiz, Spain), Hugo Leite-Almeida (University of Minho, Portugal), Ypek Yalcin (Université de Strasbourg, France)
Braga I roomSymposium 5 Novel insights into the molecular mechanisms and cell ensembles regulating the neural circuits underlying negative emotion
Chairs: Andrew Holmes (NIH, Bethesda, USA), Carmen Sandi (Brain Mind Institute, Switzerland)
Speakers: Shona Chattarji (NCBS, Bangalore, India), Gisella Vetere (ESPCI Paris, France), Andrew Holmes (NIH, Bethesda, USA), Meltem Weger (Brain Mind Institute, Switzerland)
Braga II roomSymposium 6 Recent insights into mesocorticolimbic circuit mechanisms of appetitive behaviours
Chair: Eisuke Koya (University of Sussex, UK)
Speakers: Jamie McCutcheon (University of Leicester, UK), Kate Wassum (Brain Research Institute, UCLA, USA), Mihaela Iordanova (Concordia University, Canada), Leslie Whitaker (NIDA IRP/NIH, USA)
13h00 – 14h00Lunch (FC Meeting | Level Lounge room)
14h00 – 15h30Poster Session I (Hotel Lobby | Ground floor) – Poster 1-80
15h30 – 16h30Plenary Lecture (Minho room)
Habenular regulation of obesity-related abnormalities in food preference and motivation
Chair: Louk Vanderschuren (Utrecht University, Netherlands)
Speaker: Paul Kenny (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA)
16h30 – 17h00Coffee break
17h00 – 17h30Alternative nondrug rewards to treat drug addiction: system, circuit and cellular mechanisms
Speaker: Marco Venniro (NIH/National Institute on Drug Abuse, USA) | (Minho room)
17h30 – 18h30Oral Presentations Session I (Minho room) | Marie Le May, Lauren Seabrook, Catherine Thomas, Leah Mayo, Youna Vandaele
Oral Presentations Session II (Braga I room) | Sarah Swinford-Jackson, Ludovica Maddalena Rossi, Peter Vento, Amanda Iglesias, Allyson Andrade

DAY 3 – 30/08/2019

08h30 – 10h30
Minho roomSymposium 7 Taking a rewarding trip down memory lane paved with ensembles and engrams
Chair: Leslie Whitaker (NIDA IRP/NIH, USA)
Speakers: Karine Guillem (Université de Bordeaux, France), Denise Cai (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA), Rajtarun Madangopal (NIDA IRP/NIH, USA), Michel Vanden Oever (VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Braga I roomSymposium 8 Novel pharmacological approaches toward remediating negative symptoms in schizophrenia
Chair: Mark Geyer (University of California San Diego, USA)
Speakers: Herbert Meltzer (Northwestern University, USA), Emma Robinson (Bristol, UK), Agnieszka Nikiforuk (Institute of Pharmacology Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland), Mark Geyer (University of California San Diego, USA)
Braga II roomSymposium 9 Reward, stress and effort in food related decision-making
Chair: Merce Correa Sanz (University Jaume I, Spain), Roger Adan (University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Speakers: Harriët Schellekens (University College Cork, Ireland), Marie Le May (University of Gothenburg, Sweden), Roger Adan (University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands), Laura López-Cruz (University of Cambridge, UK)
10h30 – 11h00Coffee break
11h00 – 13h00
Minho roomSymposium 10 Putting the effort in: translational models of the allocation and application of effort and its role in psychiatric illness
Chair: Catharine Winstanley (University of British Columbia, Canada), Jared Young (University of California San Diego, USA)
Speakers: Catharine Winstanley (University of British Columbia, Canada), Jared Young (University of California San Diego, USA), Roshan Cools (Donders Institute, The Netherlands), Renee Rotolo (University of Connecticut, USA)
Braga I roomSymposium 11 Opioids and opioid use disorder: What we know and what we (still) don’t know
Chair: Aldo Badiani (University of Sussex, UK), Fernando Boix Escolan (Oslo University Hospital, Norway)
Speakers: Fernando Boix Escolan (Oslo University Hospital, Norway), Aldo Badiani (University of Sussex, UK), Siri Leknes (University of Oslo, Norway)
Braga II roomSymposium 12 Emerging strategies for the treatment of stress-related psychiatric disorders
Chair: Olivia O’Leary (University College Cork, Ireland)
Speakers: Olivia O’Leary (University College Cork, Ireland), Irwin Lucki (Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Maryland, USA), Sâmia Joca (Aarhus University, Denmark), Sayamwong Hammack (University of Vermont, USA)
13h00 – 14h00Lunch (AGM | Minho room)
14h00 – 15h00Plenary Lecture (Minho room)
How neuronal circuits can shape “immune behavior”
Chair: Nuno Sousa (University of Minho, Portugal)
Speaker: Asya Rolls (Israel Institute of Technology, Israel)
15h00 – 16h30Poster Session II (Hotel Lobby | Ground floor) – Poster 81-160
16h30 – 17h00Coffee break
17h00 – 19h00
Minho roomSymposium 13 A role for the Insular cortex in Alcohol and Substance Use Addictions?
Chair: Wolfgang Sommmer
Speakers: Theodora Duka (School of Psychology, University of Sussex, UK), Angelo Bifone (University of Torino, Italy), Petri Hyytia (University of Helsinki, Finland), Yavin Shaham (NIDA/NIH, Baltimore, USA),
Braga I roomSymposium 14 Punishment and aversive decision-making: Basic mechanisms and clinical applications
Chair: Gavan McNally (University of New South Wales, Australia)
Speakers: Rutsuko Ito (University of Toronto Scarborough, Canada), Nathan Marchant (Amsterdam UMC, Netherlands), Chiara Giuliano (University of Cambridge, UK), Phil Jean-Richard-Dit-Bressel (University of New South Wales, Australia)
Braga II roomSymposium 15 Peripheral mediated changes to motivational salience
Chair: Richard O’Connor (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA)
Speakers: Richard O’Connor (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA), Dana Small (Yale School of Medicine, USA), Suzanne Dickson (University of Gothenburg, Sweden), Ivan De Araujo (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA)
19h30Gala dinner (Colunata Eventos | Bom Jesus)

DAY 4 – 31/08/2019

08h30 – 09h30Plenary lecture (Minho Room)
How we got alcohol addiction wrong: One lever at a time
Chair: Christelle Baunez (Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone, France)
Speaker: Markus Heilig (Linköping University, Sweden)
09h30 – 11:30
Minho roomSymposium 16 Role of neuroinflammation and glial mechanisms in anxiety and depression: novel therapeutic approaches
Chair: Nicolas Singewald (University of Innsbruck, Austria)
Speakers: Raffaella Molteni (University of Milan, Italy), Nicolas Singewald (University of Innsbruck, Austria), Luisa Pinto (University of Minho, Portugal), Ana João Rodrigues (University of Minho, Portugal)
Braga I roomSymposium 17 The need for weed: Emerging roles of cannabis and cannabinoids in rewardrelated behaviours
Chair: Steve Mahler (University of California Irvine, USA)
Speakers: Daniele Piomelli (University of California, USA), Rita Fuchs (Washington State University, USA), Stephen Mahler (University of California Irvine, USA), Donna Calu (University of Maryland, USA), Sade Spencer (University of Minnesota, USA
Braga II roomSymposium 18 Brain circuits of prosocial behavior
Chair: Louk Vanderschuren (Utrecht University, Netherlands), Marijke Achterberg (Utrecht University, Netherlands)
Speakers: Siri Leknes (University of Oslo, Norway), Christian Keysers (Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands), Marijn van Wingerden (Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf, Germany), Alexa Veenema (Michigan State University, USA)
11h30 – 12h00Coffee break
12h00 – 14h00
Minho roomSymposium 19 Novel opioid agonist-based medications for pain and opioid addiction
Chair: Yavin Shaham (NIDA-NIH, Baltimore, USA)
Speakers: Drew Townsend (VCU, USA), Stephen Husbands (Bath U, UK), Nurulain Zaveri (Astraea Therapeutics, USA), Jennifer Bossert (NIH/NIDA, USA
Braga I roomSymposium 20 Where dopaminergic and cholinergic systems interact: a gateway for tuning neurological and psychiatric disorders
Chair: Giovanna Paolone (University of Verona, Italy)
Speakers: Ioannis Sotiropoulos (University of Minho, Portugal), Marianne Amalric (CNRS, Marseille, France), Tommy Pattj (VU University Medical Center, Netherlands), Giovanna Paolone (University of Verona, Italy)
Braga II roomSymposium 21 The transcriptomic basis of neuronal function and behaviour
Chair: Anand Gururajan (Brain & Mind Centre, University of Sydney, Australia)
Speakers: Anand Gururajan (Brain & Mind Centre, University of Sydney, Australia), Dan Ohtan-Wang (Kyoto University, Japan), David Slattery (University of Frankfurt, Germany), Iiris Hovatta (University of Helsinki, Finaland)
14h00 – 14h30Closing Ceremony (Minho Room)